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3 Signs You Should Fire Your Cleaning Company

We’ve heard the same reasons why consumers are unhappy with their cleaning service providers, time and time again – do any of the following issues sound familiar to you? If yes, it might be time to reassess their performance and maybe you should look for a professional cleaning company.

1. Unsatisfactory Cleaning Standards

Unsatisfactory Cleaning Standards

Before you engaged them, a certain standard is promised but few weeks down the road, you often realised that the trash is still in the bin, the kitchen sink is still dirty, the bed is not made and the bathroom mirror is filled with water stains. Although this might be an occasional oversight, but it is just outright annoying and unsanitary. It is unprofessional for a cleaning service to tell you one thing then don’t deliver.

2. Ineffective Management

Ineffective Management

It’s already late at night when you return from work, and your house is still in the same messy and untidy state. Then you realised that the cleaner who is supposed to clean the house did not come and you were not informed. A professional cleaning company is not about the cleaners alone, an effective management needs to be in place to support not only the cleaners but also the clients. The management has to be overseeing all communications going in and out of the company and ensure that they are responsive to clients and cleaners.

3. Cleaners Are Not Well-Trained

You found a new stain on your couch that is not done by you or anyone at home. It was left by your cleaner. It’s pretty obvious that the cleaner is not well-trained. For a cleaner to be able to carry out their job and delivering high cleaning standards, they must have more than a basic knowledge of cleaning. These cleaners are required to learn how each cleaning product work and should be equipped with the necessary health and safety knowledge. Practical training are as important as theory training to see how every cleaner fares. When the cleaners feel that they are well-equipped with all the relevant knowledge, then they will be more motivated and carry out the different tasks confidently.

At Superb Cleaning, we work hand in hand with all our cleaners and of course, our clients to provide quality, professional, consistent and responsive service. As clients’ satisfaction is most important to us, we conduct training lessons for all our cleaners to ensure that they are well-trained in cleaning different environments and also to pay attention to nitty-gritty details. We are always open to feedback and suggestions to make sure that all our clients are happy with the service they are receiving. Contact us today at 6515 3897 or drop us an email at to find out more about cleaning services.

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