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6 Myths On Marble Polishing Services

Marble polishing is one element of the industry in Singapore that has been hampered by a number of myths. These myths have never been debunked by marble merchants or those who provide marble cleaning and marble polishing services because they either ignore them or are unaware of them.

In Singapore, there is no shortage of marble merchants that use these misconceptions in their marble polishing and cleaning procedures. It’s no wonder that the folks who install this stone in people’s homes have no idea how to care for it.

Many homeowners have unanticipated difficulties with their previously polished stones and find them filthy as a result of these misconceptions. When they come into a situation like this, they turn to extra polishing to fix the aesthetic concerns, which causes more damage to the stone.

Here are 6 marble polishing myths that have been discovered to be widespread in Singapore.

Myth 1: Using harsh cleaners prior to polishing

Source: The Spruce

Many people assume that the older the stain, the more difficult the chemical to remove it will be. To clean the marble, they use ammonia, vinegar, bleach, and even steel wool. All-purpose spray cleansers using strong alkalis or petroleum-based chemicals are another popular but harmful stain removal option. While these chemicals will remove the stain from the marble, they will also destroy the natural shine.

Myth 2: Using dullness-hiding polishing products

There are a variety of polishing processes and treatments available, including urethanes, waxes, polymers containing sealers, and others, that do nothing except cover the stone’s flaws and dullness.

They also give marble an unnatural appearance, defeating the entire point of having real stone put in the home. Because such coatings are fragile and delicate, they scrape, flake, peel, or fracture with time, necessitating even more care.

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Myth 3: Using a tile and grout cleaner

Source: Forbes

A tile and grout cleaner is another incorrect cleaning solution that most marble owners use on their stone. These cleaners are designed to clean porcelain or ceramic tiles, as well as the grout between them, but not marble tiles.

While they are designed to be alkaline, you will find many in Singapore that are quite acidic and, in either event, detrimental to marble.


Myth 4: Because marble is not sealed, polishing is useless

Another widespread misunderstanding is that cleaning marble won’t do any good unless it’s sealed. While it is true that sealing the stone prevents discoloration, it is not always necessary.

Only porous marble surfaces require sealing, which may be determined by letting a handful of water sit on it for 10 minutes and wiping it away. If a stain remains after polishing, your stone is permeable and requires sealing in addition to polishing.

Myth 5: Because the marble was installed only two years ago and is brand new, there is no need to polish it

Source: Unsplash

Acids, alcohol, and ammonia react quickly in natural stones like limestone and marble. As a result, if you spill juice on your marble barely an hour after it’s been installed, you’ll need to have it re-honed or re-polished.

Softer stones and marbles used in structures require more care on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. Depending on how marble is treated in the home, refinishing may be necessary after two to four years.


Myth 6: Marbles of all sorts must be polished at regular intervals

Source: Unsplash

This is completely untrue. Because different varieties of marbles have varied wear resistance, different maintenance regimens are required. Natural marble is stronger than cultured marble, while cultured marble requires more frequent cleaning. In addition, the materials that can achieve the required results from polishing differ depending on the kind of marble.



Concluding words

Most marble polishing specialists, in theory, should be able to deep clean, remove all scratches, and polish, among other things. All of these procedures restore your marble flooring to its original gleam.

Despite the fact that hiring a marble polishing expert may be costly, the flawless appearance it offers your marble floors ensures that you will not need to replace them anytime soon.

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