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7 Essential To-Dos For Post Renovation Cleaning in Singapore

Renovation projects are messy, and even if you try to do the cleaning as the renovation process goes, there will still be a few things that you need to take care of later on. Contractors are good at taking out all the big, unneeded things that have been left behind, including dust and other debris. However, after they have completed the renovation work, you still need to do a thorough clean-up of your house. This article will be a guide for post renovation cleaning Singapore residents need to know.

1. Let the fresh air in

It’s likely that your home is going to smell a little musty as a result of all the cleaning that you’ve just done. There will be sawdust in the air, and fresh paint fumes are going to kill you. Because the fresh smell of newly-built houses will haunt you for a while, it’s better to let in some fresh air than to keep your house completely shut.

Open your windows and allow the ventilation to happen naturally to allow fresh air to circulate around your home. It’s the fastest way to get your house cleaned again.

2. Scrubbing and dusting

You might want to scrub some of the dirt off some of the surfaces in your new home. Sometimes some stains and imprints may be left on your new flooring or laminates, but that’s nothing to be worried about. A gentle scrub can remove them quickly. Even a pretty home can look as good as new again by doing a simple cleaning routine.

3. Sweeping the floor

During renovations, there are always a few dust particles left lying around, so you are required to do a thorough dusting and sweeping of your entire home. It’s best to start with clean, tall surfaces and work your way down to the bottom, so that dust doesn’t accumulate on your floor. Otherwise, the work that you have to do will be significantly longer.

4. Wiping down surfaces

There are some surfaces that you will have to clean before you start using mops and water buckets. So if you have any glass surfaces or windows in your new home, it will be very important that you clean them with a simple wipe and some Windex.

5. Clean your vents

When you do renovations in your house, dust and dirt particles will make their way down to the attic vents. Take out the filters that are in the air-conditioners and hoods, and clean them with warm water and soap.

You should let it completely dry before putting it back in place. You should replace the filters if they are old and dirty. If you keep your house clean, you’ll be able to prevent dust from circulating around the house.

6. Don’t forget your furniture

After you sweep the floor and put down the rubbish, it’s time to put your furniture back in place. Before you can chill on your new sofa or cushion, make sure you get rid of any dust that might be hiding under the carpet. Just make sure that you vacuum every crevice in your furniture and make sure that every dust speck is removed. Take time to vacuum your newly-rolled-out carpets and slowly run the vacuum over them to make sure that it’s getting all the dust.

The smell of your new sofa or the new carpet bothering you? Sprinkle some baking soda on all these surfaces in your home and leave them to sit for about an hour before you vacuum them. Baking soda will absorb any odors that may have remained on your furniture or carpets, so you’ll be able to put some fresh scent on your furniture and carpets!

If you have any new bed and/or curtains, give the item a good shake on the exterior of your house before washing it. This will allow you to easily remove any remnants of dust that may be in your furniture. Dust can also cause problems when it comes to your upholstery, as it may cause the weaves in the fabric to become loose; this will cause it to become very uncomfortable to use.

7. Mopping the floor

This is the last time you should take the time to dust the big appliances and take the time to dust them thoroughly. You can use a mops and a microfiber cloth for this task. You’ll need to add some water with a mild disinfectant to really remove all the dirt motes from your home. After you do that, your home will look and feel as good as new.

You may think that you have a lot of work ahead of you now that you’ve read this blog post. This will be your ultimate guide to post-renovation cleaning and will show you how to do it the most effective and efficient way possible.

The Alternative: Hiring Post Renovation Cleaning in Singapore

If you don’t have the time to do all the work yourself, hire a team of professional cleaners to do the job for you. Professional house cleaning services in Singapore employ quality cleaning solutions and cleaning equipment to get your home clean. When you hire professional post renovation cleaning services in Singapore after your house renovation, it’s the quickest and easiest way to get all the work done. This will also save you lots of time.

Be sure to tell them how big your home is to make sure that they can assign the right number of cleaners to clean your home efficiently. If you are hiring a professional cleaning company, let them know exactly where you want them to go to clean; that way, they know exactly what to do.

When it comes to engaging in the right professional cleaning services, do check out the reviews online or ask your family and friends for recommendations. It is best that you check the reviews or ask your friends and family for referrals. This way you will get a good understanding of what the company does and how their prices are.

What type of insurance does the cleaning company have? You should also ask if they will cover any damage costs, theft or injury that may occur to your property. The company should also be able to provide you with a copy of their insurance policy if you request it.

Concluding words

All in all, no matter how big or small your home renovation work is, your house must be thoroughly cleaned to remove all the excess dust and dirt that is in it. If your newly renovated home  is clean, you and your family can live peacefully.

Additionally, a clean living space helps to bring in good Feng Shui and positive energy to your home.

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