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9 Tips For Hiring Spring Cleaning Services in Singapore

Interested in finding out what spring cleaning services in Singapore has to offer for cleaning your home before a festive season such as Hari Raya or Chinese New Year? There are plenty of professional cleaning services in Singapore that you can book just by tapping on your phone, whether you need a part-time helper or a cleaner to have a professionally cleaned home!

Check out our handy tips for spring cleaning in Singapore that you can learn from.

1) Getting rid of mold

Sweeping with a broom won’t do the job well; it won’t leave a great clean after all! Mold can cause a number of health issues especially in Singapore, not to mention ruin some of your favorite things. Mold removals and specialist cleaning companies use only EPA and FDA-approved, non-toxic cleaning products to give you a home that looks good again.

They’ll do a thorough inspection of your home and provide you with a detailed report that will show you what needs to be done. Then they’ll clean the walls, floors and other hard surfaces with professional products. If it feels like your home is damp, and you are noticing that your clothes are turning a strange color (or worse!) in the cupboards and drawers, it’s possible that you have mold.

2) Eliminate pests

We all hate cockroaches and termites! Pests are attracted to any kind of water that is easily available, as well as food and shelter. Pests can invade homes quickly (like, overnight), so it’s important to eradicate them completely at first sight.

3) Deep cleaning for furniture

Just ask parents with young children to tell you how clean the sofa in their house is. If you have a pet, your rugs will probably be just as dirty and even more.

Then there are the hard things: your mattresses. If you think about it, mattresses are the number one cause of dust mites in Singapore. These are the hardest to clean, and also a breeding ground for dust mites. Spring cleaning services in Singapore are well equipped with the right tools to clean your mattresses.

Superb Cleaning provides professional home cleaning services in Singapore with advanced equipment to clean your mattresses, rugs, furniture and other surfaces. We suggest cleaning old furniture and rugs once a year, and your mattresses every six months. Just make sure you have a deep clean scheduled before all those house visitors start coming!

4) Cleaning the curtains

It’s normal for landlords to insist that you clean your curtains every day, but in reality, it is good practice to regularly clean curtains! Curtains absorb a lot of dirt and odor and are easily stained by children. Curtains can be hard to take down and put back up, and it’s difficult to keep them wrinkle-free.

5) Clean your belongings — handbags included

It is shocking to think about the amount of damage that the humongous Singapore humidity can do to your beloved handbags! Mold will destroy leather upholstery pretty easily, and even cloth upholstery can become stained very easily.

6) Donate or dispose your unwanted belongings

If you are planning on getting rid of old furniture and clothes to make room for new ones, it will be nice to donate them. You can always give away old clothes and toys. Some condos and HDBs have a huge dumpster that you can use to dump the junk you’ve accumulated throughout the year.

7) Make your own cleaning products

After hiring spring cleaning services in Singapore to do the big clean up job for you, you’ll still need to keep cleaning your house regularly between visits. It is fascinating to learn how to make a spray that works well with vinegar and other essential oils, or how to make stain killers with baking soda.

It turns out that just a few basic ingredients will do the same job as stuff you’d buy in a store – and they’re utterly safe! They contain no harmful ingredients like parabens, phthalates, and triclosan.

8) Buying cleaning supplies

Spring cleaning services in Singapore usually provide their own cleaning supplies, but you should check with them first if you are going to make your own supplies. HDB shops are the go-to place to get brooms and dustpans. FairPrice and Giant sell lots of affordable cleaning products, as well as wardrobes and rubbish bins, and all the other stuff that you might need to get organized.

When you want to buy a product online, it really doesn’t get any easier than Amazon Prime Now and RedMart. If you need a good vacuum cleaner, head to Courts or Kaercher, who sells lawn machinery that you can use to clean your patios and balconies.

9) Seek for professional spring cleaning services in Singapore

If you could use an extra pair of hands for a heavy duty cleaning session, what would you recommend? You can find reliable cleaning companies in Singapore online, with cleaners who are fully vetted and have passed the mandatory checks. You can book a one-time cleaning service or regular weekly cleaning sessions with a few clicks of a button.

Looking to engage in spring cleaning services in Singapore?

In conclusion, by following the above steps, you will certainly have no issues when it comes to spring cleaning your home.

In addition, having a clean living area attracts good Feng Shui and positive energy to your home.

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