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We ensure that our professional cleaning services in Singapore are both affordable and of high quality. Our expert cleaners are polite, friendly, reliable, and through to make certain that you get uncompromised service.

Spring Cleaning

Clutter can have a significant impact on your health and it can also lead to stress. Our spring cleaning services allow you to relax while we sort out the clutter.

Type Price ($)
Studio apartment $280 onwards
Condo (1 bedroom ) HDB $320 onwards
Condo (2 bedroom ) HDB ( 2/3 bedroom ) $380 onwards
Condo (3 bedrooms ) HDB ( 4/5 bedrooms ) $420 onwards
Condo ( 4 bedrooms ) HDB ( maisonette ) $450 onwards
Penthouse $550 onwards
Landed on side quote

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpets require expertise. Our well trained cleaning team will help you get rid of unsightly stains and clean your carpet thoroughly until it’s as good as new with our carpet cleaning services.

Area (Sq. Ft.) er Sq. Ft. ($)
< 599 Sq Feet $0.50 – $0.60 per sq feet / $250 min charge
600 – 1200 Sq Feet $0.325 – $0.35 per sq feet
1201 – 2500 Sq Feet $0.275 – $0.30 per sq feet
2501 – 5000 Sq Feet $0.225 – $0.25 per sq feet
5001 – 7999 Sq Feet $0.175 – $0.20 per sq feet
>8000 Sq Feet Onsite Quote

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Give your carpet the love it deserves during a spring cleaning session from Superb Cleanings! Revive your soft carpeting from being dusty and stained with professional services from us.

Area (Sq. Ft.) er Sq. Ft. ($)
Rugs Cleaning (On the spot) $120 and above
Rug Cleaning (Pick up, Delivery) $120 and above ($20 transportation charge)

Sofa Cleaning

Rejuvenate your sofa back to its former glory. Our sofa cleaning services are an affordable way to clean, deodorise, and maintain your sofa without damaging the fabric or leather.

Type Price ($)
3 seater L-shape $250 onwards
2 seater $180 onwards
Single seater $120 onwards


Our residential and commercial clients are satisfied with their homes and offices. On the other hand, our professional cleaning team takes pride in the services they provide. Nothing motivates our dedicated cleaning team more than doing a great job because if means we’re creating a cleaner home or office that gives our clients more time to focus on things that truly matter.


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