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Comprehensive Checklist For Move Out Cleaning

Are you planning on relocating soon? It’s critical to leave your previous home in excellent (or at least acceptable) shape, whether you’re terminating a lease or selling a property. This entails putting together a move out cleaning checklist for yourself or engaging in move out cleaning services.

To get their security deposit back, renters will almost certainly have to do a thorough cleaning. Many landlords, in fact, demand that renters return the property to its original state before leaving. Before turning over the keys to the new owners, anyone selling a property will almost certainly need to clean it thoroughly.

While a deep clean isn’t always required by law, it’s common practice for sellers to do so while moving out. Read on for a comprehensive checklist for your next move out cleaning!

What’s on the cleaning checklist for moving out?

The size of the property and how clean it is now will determine your move out cleaning checklist. We’ve put together a detailed move out cleaning checklist that you may use as a starting point to assist you.

Remove any personal belongings that remain

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To begin, remove all personal belongings from the house. Everything from furniture and closet items to shelves and wall art falls under this category.

Vacuum all your floors thoroughly

Vacuum the entire house one last time — staircases, nooks, and other hard-to-reach locations as well.

Dust and wipe down surfaces properly

Wipe off kitchen counters, bathroom countertops, bookcases, window panes, fireplace mantles, and other hard surfaces using an all-purpose surface cleaner and a roll of paper towels or a clean cloth.

Clean the interiors of cabinets

Remember to clean the insides of all cabinets as well. Food crumbs and other debris from food and culinary items tend to collect in kitchen cabinets in particular.

Give your appliances a good wipe down

Fingerprints and marks accumulate on stainless steel equipment over time. Wipe clean your refrigerator with an all-purpose spray or a vinegar and water solution. Remember to clean and wipe off the microwave as well.

Don’t miss out on your ceiling fans and light fixtures!

Toilets, sinks, showers and bathtubs to be scrubbed and cleaned

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Roll up your sleeves and go to work on the bathrooms once you’ve finished cleaning and dusting. Toilets, showers, bathtubs, and sinks should all be washed and cleaned thoroughly. Before leaving, any mold, rust, or mildew should be removed from the bathrooms.

Organize ​the closet

Make careful to clean out closet shelves and hanging rods after you’ve taken away your clothes and accessories. Vacuum the closet floors as well, and double-check that any personal things have been removed.

Remove any nails and wall anchors attached to the wall

It’s preferable to remove any nails, hooks, and wall anchors before moving out, unless the landlord or buyer has requested that you do so.

Fill up holes and patch up drywall

Make careful to patch up any unattractive holes in the wall after you’ve removed any nails, hooks, or drywall anchors. Click here to find out how to patch and repair drywalls on your own!

Alternatively, you can consider hiring a professional handyman to fix any drywall that has to be repaired in the house cleaning process.

Cover over scratches and blemishes with paint

Go to your local paint store and get a tiny sample quantity of paint that matches your wall before you move out. Touch up any scratches or marks on the walls using this paint. Baseboards and other areas with high-gloss paint should be given extra attention, since they tend to scratch more quickly than walls with a matte finish.

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Clean and sanitize the refrigerator and freezer

Start cleaning by emptying the fridge and freezer of any residual items. Disinfectant spray should be used to wipe clean all surfaces. Be careful to get rid of any leftover food crumbs as well.

Clean the oven and stove top

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The cooktop is one of the locations where food residue tends to accumulate. Remove the top section of the range and clean below all burners if you have a gas range.

A simple water and baking soda combination may also be used to clean your oven. To produce a paste, combine the water and baking soda and spread it all over the oven. Vinegar can also be used for this step!

Mop all the floors

Finish your move out cleaning by mopping the floors after all surfaces have been washed down and cleaned. If you don’t have any household cleaning products on hand, a vinegar and warm water solution is a simple and safe floor cleaning option.

Is it necessary to employ a professional cleaning service?

You have two options for cleaning your home: you may do it yourself or hire a professional cleaning service to do it for you. If you’re renting and your security deposit is on the line, hiring a cleaning service to ensure that you receive your money back may be worthwhile.

Cleaning the property yourself, on the other hand, is definitely the most cost-effective choice if you want to save as much money as possible. Those with children or a demanding job may not have the time to clean a large home and may consider hiring a cleaning service.

When should you start to tidy up during the move out?

Are you unsure when it’s time to conduct a deep clean? After you’ve removed all of your furniture and personal belongings, we recommend cleaning the house. This will not only guarantee that you clean every nook and cranny, but it will also make cleaning more convenient. You won’t have to worry about vacuuming beneath rugs or other personal things, after all.

Are you moving out soon?

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We propose hiring specialists to undertake the tedious move out cleaning to make your next relocation go more smoothly, for both residential and commercial spaces.

That being said, Superb Cleaning’s strong system of respectable and trustworthy employees makes finding the finest cleaning company for the task simple. All of our employees and equipment are licensed and insured, so you can rest easy knowing that your move out cleaning will be taken care of.

Contact us to schedule your move out cleaning appointment today!

Are you worried about the cleanliness of your space?

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