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Find Out Where Are The Dirtiest Places In Your Office

We all washes our hands after using the washroom. How about after making 20 copies of the office minutes? And also after using the laptop?

Find Out Where Are The Dirtiest Places In Your Office

Just like your home, people are aware of the germs that can accumulate in their office. Identifying where the dirtiest places in your office are, and putting in place good cleaning and hygiene practices will ensure that the office remains clean and sanity and employees will stay healthy and happy.

It is always easy to overlook some areas when it comes to cleaning, and the dirtiest areas might not always the most obvious places. These are the areas that are flourishing with bacteria and viruses:

1. Telephones


It makes sense that telephones are bound to be high on the list when it comes to harbouring bacteria and germs. Spit can be transferred from our mouths, and you might sneeze or cough during a conversation and where do these bacteria go to? The mouthpiece. Not forgetting you are most likely to pick up the handheld phones with your unwashed hands too. And to be honest, who cleans a phone? We don’t often clean our mobile phone, let alone the office telephones. Wipe down these nasty bacteria and germs using a disinfecting wipe everyday to avoid the contraction of bacteria.

2. Coffeemakers


Our morning cuppa coffee could also be harbouring plenty of germs as the only coffeemaker in the office comes in contact with almost everyone in the office. Most of the employees are likely to touch the pot throughout the day, so it’s important to remind everyone to wash their hands before and after use. Keeping a bottle of hand sanitiser beside can also served as a timely reminder. This helps to reduce the risk of germs spreading.

3. Keyboards and Mouse

Keyboards and Mouse

Our keyboards and mouse are probably another big breeding ground for germs and bacteria. We touch these device almost throughout the day so any germs we’ve picked up from elsewhere could have easily spread to there. Not only that, most employees eat at their desks which results in dropping food crumbs on the keyboard and table. Needless to say, food is the perfect breeding ground for germs and it may also attract pests like cockroaches. So if you’re wiping your desk, don’t forget to give your keyboard and mouse a good wipe!

4. Switches and Buttons

Switches and Buttons

Think about how many fingers touched the light switches and elevator buttons in one day. And these places collects all the nasty germs from people. And we all don’t specially wash our hands to switch on a switch or press the button. People who covered their mouth when they coughed or sneezed might use the same hand to touch these places and unfortunately, when your head is heading towards the same switches, the germs will come in contact with you. It is important to clean all the switches and buttons on a daily basis so that everyone can stay away from unwanted germs and bacteria.

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