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How To Clean Fabric Sofa Effectively

Clean upholstery contributes to the living room’s style and makes a home seem cozier. But there’s a catch: they’re susceptible to dust, dirt and mites.

If you value productivity, this guide will break down the numerous cleaning codes for fabric couches and show you how to clean each kind in 9 simple stages. Continue reading because we’ve included some helpful hints!

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How regularly should you clean your fabric sofa?

You may not have the luxury of time as a busy homeowner to deep clean your sofa on a regular basis. As a result, doing some fast dry cleaning in between deep cleans will be beneficial. That way, when you do get down to serious cleaning, you’ll have less work to do!

This is the suggested cleaning regimen to keep the couch looking sparkling clean:

  • Every two to three days, dry clean
  • Every four to six weeks, do a deep clean

Some general tips to get you started

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Tip 1: Pre-test the cleaning procedure on a tiny, inconspicuous area. Are you unsure whether the cleaning procedure you’re about to employ will damage the sofa? Pre-testing it on a tiny, concealed region first is a smart idea.

Go ahead and clean the entire sofa if the fabric isn’t harmed!

Tip 2: Clean up any mess as soon as possible. Spillages and blemishes should be cleared up as soon as possible! It’s simpler to get rid of it if you act quickly. It will be more difficult to remove if you leave it for a while.

A quick and easy guide to clean your fabric sofa effectively

Step 1: Remove the sofa coverings first (if applicable)

  • For couches with detachable coverings, use the following guidelines:
  • Remove the fabric couch covers and clean them separately. If you are unable to remove the covers from your sofa, skip to Step 2!

Step 2: Vacuum the couch coverings.

  • Wipe away any dust and grime with an upholstery dusting brush or a dry towel. To avoid color stains, make sure the cloth matches the color of the sofa!

Step 3: Vacuum the sofa’s fabric.

  • It’s time to get your vacuum out after brushing off any debris on the surface. Vacuum the arms, cushions, back, side, and deeper sections of the sofa completely.
  • To get deep inside the sofa, a vacuum with removable add-ons like the crevice tool might be useful.

Step 4: Clean the fabric sofa with steam.

  • Note: Only for couches with the letters W and W/S:
  • On a small, concealed area of your sofa, use a steam cleaner, garment steamer, or iron with a steaming function. Before steam cleaning the sofa completely, be sure it can withstand the heat.
  • Steam cleaning removes any leftover debris while also sanitizing and killing germs and bacteria. Dust mites that have been lurking in the sofa can also be killed.

Step 5a: Using water, white distilled vinegar, and dish soap, remove stains.

  • Only for couches with the letters W and W/S. It’s easy to get stains out of these sofas! Combine one part white vinegar, three parts water, and one tablespoon dish soap in a spray container.
  • Spray the solution on the stain and then massage it in with a clean dry cloth. After that, remove any residue using a corner of a clean damp cloth dipped in water.

Step 5b: Use baking soda to remove stains.

  • For couches with the letter S: If you’ve overlooked some stains on your sofa and realized you can’t get them out with water, don’t worry! Sprinkle baking soda immediately on the stain for a fast fix.
  • Leave it for about 30 minutes so that the powder can work effectively to break down the stain and grease, as well as remove any odours. Then, use a vacuum to vacuum up the residue.
  • For couches with the letters W and W/S: Dilute baking soda with water and dish soap. It should turn into a powdery white paste that will aid in stain removal!
  • After that, use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or a moist towel to remove the residue.

Step 6: Clean the fabric sofa with a fabric sofa cleaner.

  • Only for couches with the letters W, S, or W/S: Fabric couch cleaning products come in a wide variety. Make sure it’ll work with your fabric sofa cleaning code before you buy.
  • They can be used for odour removal, bacterium removal, and even stain removal, depending on the intensity of the solution.

Step 7: Let the fabric sofa air dry.

  • It’s critical to dry the sofa after a complete cleaning — you don’t want to sit on mold created by moisture left behind!
  • This may be accomplished by rubbing a dry clean cloth against the fabric of the sofa. Repeat this process until the sofa is dry to the touch.

How to shorten the drying process

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An excellent idea is to point a high-powered fan at the sofa to speed up the drying process! Allow for drying time till the sofa is dry to the touch.

Step 8: Vacuum the couch one more time.

Repeat Step 3 and vacuum the entire sofa, with or without a brush attachment, after it has dried completely. Repeating this ensures that any remaining debris or dirt is fully eliminated!

Step 9: Sanitize the fabric sofa.

After you’ve finished cleaning, sanitize the sofa by spraying it with a fabric sanitizer! This will assist to get rid of any lingering odors, kill and prevent infections over time, and scent your living space!

Concluding words

Cleaning your couch or sofa may be difficult, but with the use of the above suggestions, it won’t be so complicated! Superb Cleaning is a professional cleaning company that specializes in comprehensive couch cleaning for both residential and commercial settings.

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