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How To Clean Glass Surfaces Like a Pro

There may be nothing as satisfying as perfectly-cleaned glass, but there’s also nothing so frustrating as doing the cleaning. Glass collects dirt easily even after all the meticulous cleaning and elbow grease, the glass does not seem sparkling clean because of the streaks and lint. Whether you’re scrubbing windows, mirrors, or a glass-topped coffee table, you need this chore to be easier. Here we have 5 tips for cleaning glass.

How To Clean Glass Surfaces Like a Pro

1. Use Only Distilled Water

Use Only Distilled Water

Distilled water is the cleanest water around that makes it perfect for cleaning glass. The usual water that we are using to clean is usually the culprit of cloudy and streaky glass as it contains mineral deposits that often get left behind on the glass.

2. Use The Right Cleaning Tool

Use The Right Cleaning Tool

Microfiber cloth or newspaper are probably the best cleaning tools for cleaning glass. Usual kitchen towel actually leave behind lint and streaks.

3. Make Your Own Cleaning Solution

Make Your Own Cleaning Solution

Mix 1 part of water with 1 part of vinegar in a spray or 1 part of water with 1 part of rubbing alcohol and a tablespoon of vinegar. Vinegar helps to kill germs and it is much more economical and safer than chemical cleaning solution.

4. Work Fast

Work Fast

Stop streaks before they start by drying the glass off its cleaner quickly. Afterall, you don’t want to be stuck doing this chore any longer than you really need to do.

5. Do The ‘S’ or ‘Z’ Pattern

Do The ‘S’ or ‘Z’ Pattern

The secret to a clean and shiny glass is wiping and cleaning in a zigzag pattern, starting at the top of your glass and work your way down to the bottom, zigging and zagging all the way. This helps you cut down on any streaking!

6. Last but not least . . .

Last but not least . . .

Finish off with a quick buff using a crumpled-up newspaper, or an old cotton t-shirt to polish the glass.

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