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How To Effectively Organise Your Office Pantry

Your office pantry can very quickly become a disaster area when everyone else is storing their food in the same pantry. There will be so many different items all over the place like half-empty bag of cookies that may attract unwanted pests! Conquer the clutter with these organisation tips and make the office pantry a better place for everyone.

1. Start With A Clean State

Start With A Clean State

Gather everyone in the office and take everything out so that you can do a deep clean first.

2. Use Containers For Storage

Use Containers For Storage

Purchase some storage containers or glass jars and distribute to everyone. Get them to store their food items in their own storage and dispose items that have gone bad or expired. Then label the container or jar with the respective owners name. And for shared items like coffee or tea, you can use clear storage containers to store them so that everyone will know what is it.

3. Fill Up The Shelves

Fill Up The Shelves

Once the containers and jars are ready, get everyone to place it on the shelves so that they will know the exact location on where their belongings are. Alternatively, you can allocate the space based on the different departments.

4. Designate Zones For Different Items

Designate Zones For Different Items

After the food is sorted out, let’s move on to the tableware such as plates, utensils and cups. Group the different items separately. Have a shelf for food, another shelf for tea and another area for the tablewares. This will make everything more organised and neat, and you get to utilise the space wisely.

5. Refresh Your Pantry Regularly

Refresh Your Pantry Regularly

When there are more than 1 person using the pantry, things can get out of hand very quickly sometimes. So it will be good to have such cleaning exercise regularly to ensure that the pantry is in a clean and hygienic state.

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