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How To Efficiently Clean Your House Layer By Layer

The secret to tidying up every corner of your home quickly is to do it in layers. The biggest cleaning mistake that most people commit is by doing zone cleaning, means cleaning room by room. A lot of people tend to get caught focusing on one area which will take them around two to three hours to clean one room, and probably spend more than one day to clean the entire house.

How To Efficiently Clean Your House Layer By Layer

Many professionals in the cleaning industry are in favor of task cleaning, meaning doing one chore at a time then moving on to another such as dusting the entire house first then vacuuming all areas. Wiping things down and moving on should be quick and efficient.

To break the tasks down, there are three layers of cleaning to follow to achieve a thoroughly clean house in the quickest time.

Layer 1: Daily Chores

Daily Chores

Manage the daily cleaning tasks first such as doing the laundry, cleaning dirty dishes and bringing out the garbage.

Layer 2: Declutter


After managing the daily chores, spend some time to declutter your home. Rearrange your items and put the items back to its original place. For instance your kids toys shouldn’t be all over the living room. Then get rid of unwanted items like newspapers, advertisements brochures and clothes that you will never ever wear.

Layer 3: Cleaning


Last but not least, it’s time to deep clean! Wipe down all surfaces and counters throughout the house, and disinfecting is necessary. Clean all the windows and then mvoe on to clean the kitchen and bathroom, give it a good scrub. And the last step should always be vacuuming and mopping the floor.

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