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How To Get Clean In Time For Flu Season

If you haven’t noticed, the flu season is upon us as everyone around are getting sniffly. No one likes getting sick and dealing with any illness is a pain. Not only you’re physically sick, but you also find yourself mentally exhausted and incapable of doing anything. So it’s time to take precautions and think about how to protect yourself against the flu bug and stop the germs spreading around your home and workplace.

How To Get Clean In Time For Flu Season

To help you stay on high alert when it comes to reducing the risk of bacteria infestation while keeping your home and workplace as germ-free as possible, we’ve rounded up a list of tips that you should follow.

1. Keep Your Hands Clean and Sanitised

Keep Your Hands Clean and Sanitised

During the flu season, you might want to wash your hands more often than usual. This may sounds like a hassle but the more frequent you wash your hands with an antibacterial hand soap, the less chance you’re likely to pick up any germs from frequently touched surfaces and objects such as elevator buttons.

2. Clean and Disinfect Contact Points and Surfaces

Clean and Disinfect Contact Points and Surfaces

Know the main contact points of your home and workplace and clean these surfaces regularly with disinfectant wipes. The frequent touch points are usually the faucets, door knobs and switches. These places are hotspots for germs that can lead to flu. Disinfect regularly a week and keep germs at bay.

3. Get A Humidifier

Get A Humidifier

Humidifiers help to cleanse and purify the air indoors, especially when illness strikes. Flu virus survive and spread more easily in dry air conditions. Therefore, using a humidifier to boost the indoor humidity level makes it less likely for flu germs to survive

4. Be Mindful of Shared Items

Be Mindful of Shared Items

Sharing is not necessarily caring. If someone at home of in the office is down with a flu, don’t share common items such as hand towels. In fact, towel sharing of any kind is a big no-no. Bacteria can live on the towel for hours, days, weeks or even months. Even if you’re not sharing them, do remember to wash them as often as you can.

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