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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches — And Keep Them Away for Good

Cockroaches are a common household issue in every home. These pests can frighten us greatly because they can cause a tussle in our homes. Their presence is constantly irritating and they can contaminate our food as well.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Here are some ways that you can prevent these unwanted pests lurking around your home.

1. Seal Up Cracks & Holes

Seal Up Cracks & Holes

When dealing with roaches, you must work diligently to seal up all the entry points they use to get into your house. These creepy crawlers (and other insects) can crawl through the smallest of spaces, so small holes and cracks become their private entrance. Run through a thorough inspection inside and outside of your house and deal with all the holes and cracks. Pay more attention if you’re living in an older home as these cracks and holes are usually bigger over time.

2. Fix any Water Leaks

Fix any Water Leaks

Cockroaches are attracted to moisture and leaking water pipes. That’s why they are often found scurrying under the sink. Some roaches can survive for months without food, but only days without water. Shut off any water sources by repairing even the smallest of leaks. And ensure that all water pipes at home are crack-free. Standing water sources are breeding grounds for other insects as well.

3. Place Cockroach Bait

Place Cockroach Bait

You can get cockroach baits easily from the supermarket or make your own bait or trap and place it at areas where they are commonly spotted, such as under and behind the microwave, oven, refrigerator, stove and dishwasher, under the sink, and into cracks along the edges of cabinets and pantries.

4. Clean, Clean & Clean

Clean, Clean & Clean

To prevent cockroaches from entering your home, you must make them feel unwelcome. This can be done by simply keeping your house clean. A dirty and messy house invites cockroaches, as it provides both hiding place and food for them. Cockroaches are usually attracted to food residue as they need food to survive, so cutting off their food supply can help to keep them away from your home. Vacuum and mop your house regularly especially after your meal, bring out the garbage and clean the bin, never allow dirty dishes and dusty clutter pile up too much, put away any open and leftover food. Ensure that your kitchen is thoroughly clean as roaches are mostly seen lurking around the kitchen corners and food cabinets.

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