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How To Get Rid of Your Dog Urine Odor

If you have a puppy, an elderly dog, or a dog still mastering their potty training skills, then you have to deal with their urine in the house constantly. Depending on what surface they go on, and how long it sits before you find it, that stubborn dog urine stench can really stick around. And most dog owners have a headache when it comes to dealing with the stench.

How To Get Rid of Your Dog Urine Odor

Whether its fresh urine or old stain stench, here’s what you can do to get rid of it:

1. Fresh Urine

Fresh Urine

Before anything else, you have remove the urine that your dog left. If the mess is on hardwood or laminate floors, use a mop, absorbent cloth or paper towels to soak up the pee. Then wipe the surface with a scented cleaner.

carpet surface

Unfortunately, if its on carpet surface, the there will be more work for you. First, cover the area with an absorbent cloth or paper towels and and gently blot up all the liquid. Blot up as much liquid as possible and repeat the process until the area is almost completely dry. Then clean it thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner (you can get it from any pet stores). Enzymatic cleaner contains biological enzymes that break down the proteins in urine. They are the smartest thing to remove the smell of fresh dog urine. Apply the cleaner on the surface and leave it until it dries. This should help to remove the odor. If not, you can repeat the step of putting more enzymatic cleaner.

baking soda

Alternatively, you can try using baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda on the affected area, let it sit for an hour or so then vacuum. Baking soda works great for absorbing odors.

2. Old Urine Stain

Old Urine Stain

If it’s an old urine stain that smells, enzymatic cleaner might not work effectively. In this case, you’ll have to make your own homemade cleaner. Using a spray bottle, mix together 16 ounces 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1 tablespoon dishwashing liquid and 1 tablespoon baking soda. If you’re working on a carpet, do a spot test on a small area first to make sure the solution doesn’t bleach your carpet. Then soak the urine-affected area and let the solution dry completely before you vacuum away the residue left by the baking soda. This cleaning solution can be used on carpets, fabric, and any kind of surface that your dog might urinate. Do not store the already-mixed solution: mix a fresh new batch when your pet has an accident.

using white vinegar

Or you can try using white vinegar. Use straight from the bottle, soak the urine-affected area and let the solution dry. White vinegar will help to neutralise pet urine odors and won’t leave behind a sour vinegar smell.

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