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How to Properly Clean Your Cleaning Equipment?

If there’s anything filthier than your sinks & toilets, it’s your cleaning equipment. As you use these tools to get rid of dirt, you gather all the bacteria in one place, which will result in a build-up of germs.

Just because your tools are used for cleaning doesn’t mean they’re automatically “clean”. Even the best cleaning company in Singapore need to deep-clean their gear every once in a while.

How to Properly Clean Your Cleaning Equipment

How can you clean your cleaning supplies?

1. Sponge


Did you know the sponge is one of the dirtiest items in most households? As such, it’s essential to clean or replace your sponge often. Eyeball your sponge – If there are food particles stuck in the sponge that cannot be removed or if the sponge looks too dirty and worn down, it’s time to replace it.

If it is still usable though, you can soak it in a mixture of hot water and soap or bleach. Leave it for a few minutes, and squeeze it until the solution is gone entirely. You could also microwave your sponge by putting it in a bowl of water; microwave it for 3 minutes and carefully remove the sponge with a tong while it’s still hot. The heat will kill most of the bacteria.

2. Rags


When it comes to cleaning rags, you can either hand-wash them or put them in a washing machine. To clean more effectively, use baking soda to get rid of tough stains.

For rags with grease stains, use a can of soda. Place the rags in a washing machine, pour soda along with detergent, and let the magic happen. Soda is an effective cleaning solution since it contains phosphoric acid that dissolves grease.

Do not mix them with your regular clothes. The dirt and grime can transfer to your clothes, making your laundry harder to clean in the process.

3. Dusters and brooms

Dusters and brooms

Feather dusters and brooms gather dust and particles faster than you think – they are just harder to spot with the naked eye unless much dust has accumulated. For this reason, it’s vital to clean them more regularly.

Bring your feather duster and broom outside and hit it against a hard surface to toss out dust and other particles. Once you’re done, soak the tools in warm water mixed with dishwashing soap, give it a good shake and hang them to dry.

4. Vacuum


There are two types of vacuum cleaners on the market – ones with bags and ones without.

For units with bags, we’d recommend emptying the bag before it’s half full to keep the vacuum cleaner functioning efficiently. Once every one or two months, you will also want to give the vacuum bag a good clean with a damp cloth. Bagless units are a little simpler – you can just empty out the contents in the container and wash it with soap and water.

Before doing anything however, always read the manual that comes with your vacuum cleaner. Every vacuum cleaner is different depending on the model so there is no standardized guideline for cleaning them.

That’s all we have for tips to effectively clean your tools and stay hygenic, courtesy of professional cleaning services in Singapore.

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