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How To Remove Carpet Stains? Maintain It

Accidents are bound to happen at one time or another and your carpet is always the victim of spills and drops.

How To Remove Carpet Stains

Learn how to remove these stains and how you can keep your carpet looking new.

Removing Carpet Stains

  1. Using two empty spray bottles, fill one with cold water and the other with 1 cup of warm water and a quarter teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid.
  2. Spray the detergent solution onto an absorbent cloth. Avoid spraying directly on the carpet as you don’t want to wet it too much. Then dab on the spot. Be careful not to rub it as this can make it more difficult to remove the carpet stain entirely and could lead to saturation to the carpet pad. As the stain dissolves, blot with a clean and dry cloth. Keep applying and blotting in this manner until the stain disappears.
  3. Taking another cloth, spray the cold water on it. Use it to blot away the detergent solution from the carpet, then blot again with a clean and dry cloth.
  4. Pile a stack of kitchen towels on the spot, and place a heavy pot on top. The towels will soak up any residual stain deep in the carpet overnight. In the morning, fluff the fibers with your fingers and allow to air-dry.

How To Maintain Your Carpet

How To Maintain Your Carpet

  1. Try implementing a ‘wash your feet once you enter the house’ rule. This will prevent dirty feet walking around the house.
  2. Take immediate action if you spot a stain. The longer the stain remains, the higher the chance it will become a permanent spot.

    Vacuum your carpet daily

  3. Vacuum your carpet daily so that the dust trapped in the carpet can be extracted and regular vacuuming helps to prolong the lifespan of the carpet and prevent dirt accumulation.
  4. Hire a professional carpet cleaner at least once or twice a year to get your carpet thoroughly cleaned. Professional carpet cleaner will ensure that your carpet will be free from dirt, dust, stains and microorganisms.

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