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Hunt Down The Nest

It’s common for homeowners to find a few ants marching across different areas of your home. These creepy crawlers can sneak in through windows or doors and they are most commonly found in the kitchen and bathroom as they are constantly on the hunt for food and water. Here’s how you can get rid of these unwanted pest without calling the exterminator.

1. Promptly Clean Up Food Spills

Promptly Clean Up Food Spills

Ants are always on the constant lookout for food and water, so if there’s food spills, clean them up immediately before the ants discover them.

2. Store Food Properly

Store Food Properly

Store your food in airtight containers instead of leaving them outside so that the ants can’t reach them.

3. Empty and Clean Garbage Bins

Empty and Clean Garbage Bins

Food remains are commonly found in garbage bins and it’s highly likely that the creepy crawlers will be found there. Not only ants, but also other pests such as cockroaches and houseflies. To keep these pests away, empty your home’s garbage bins at least once and day, clean and sanitise at least once every few days. Pro tip: it will be good to get a garbage bin with a cover.

4. Inspect Potted Plants

Inspect Potted Plants

Your outdoor or indoor potted plants may attract insects, so it is important to inspect your plants for any insect activity on a frequent basis.

5. Place Ant Poison

Place Ant Poison

Wherever you’ve seen ants, like at the corner of your kitchen or under your bathroom sink, you should place ant poison as it is more likely that the ants will take the toxic bait to the nest and sharing it with the rest of the ants. Avoid killing them after you’ve placed the bait as they are working for you now, bringing the poison back to the nest.

6. Hunt Down The Nest

Hunt Down The Nest

If you constantly have these unwanted visitors at home, they must have a nest hiding somewhere at your home and you must get rid of the nest using pesticide.

At the end of the day, it is important to maintain the cleanliness of your home. Clean and sanitised house reduces ants and psets attraction.
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