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How To Keep Your Kitchen Sink Clean The Entire Day

Your home kitchen is a veritable incubator for bacteria, especially the kitchen sink. Kitchen sinks are full of germs and bacteria. Everything goes into your sink, food particles from the cutting board that you used to cut raw meat, food scraps from your dirty dishes and many other things that you need to wash at the sink. The sinks serve as a breeding ground for germs and bacteria and they can get on your hands and even spread to food.

Keep your kitchen sink clean the entire day by doing these:

1. Remove Food Scraps Immediately

Remove Food Scraps Immediately

Ideally, you should not pile up your dirty dishes. Even if you need to do so, at least give your plates a rinse first before giving it a good wash some time later. But it’s good to develop the habit of washing the dishes after every use. The lesser food scraps in the sink, the lower the risk of bacteria flourishing and pests like cockroaches landing on your food to spread germs. Also, this makes cleaning the sink an easier job in the long run.

2. Give It A Scrub

Give It A Scrub

Once you’re done with the dishes, you can see a layer of grime that has developed on the sink. Give the sink a good scrub with an antibacterial cleaning solution to get rid of any build up. This helps to kill germs and bacteria that is lingering around the sink.

3. Leave Your Sink To Dry

Leave Your Sink To Dry

When your sink is wet or moist, germs and bacteria will spread even faster. Give it an opportunity to dry so that germs and bacteria will not grow in any lingering water.

4. Spritz It With A Disinfectant

Spritz It With A Disinfectant

If you’re worried about cross-contamination, you may want to use disinfectant at the end of the day. However, you’ll have to let it dry of leave it long enough to work its magic.

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