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Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning Services

Having a hard time cleaning your home? We can help!

Superb Cleaning provides tailored cleaning services for every home in Singapore. In our every project, we work hard to meet our clients individual needs and requirements. To provide all our customers with consistent quality service, our team of dedicated cleaning experts are all trained to provide reliable and professional home cleaning services in Singapore. We are equipped with the right cleaning products and the latest cleaning equipment ensuring a perfect, clean and hygienic cleaning results each and every time! Plus, we can lend you our services as often as you like – whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly. Whatever your requirements, our company takes pride in cleaning your home.

Spring Cleaning

Having a hard time cleaning your home? We tailor our cleaning solutions according to your household needs. Whether you require us to clean on a daily basis or just step in once a month, we are ever ready to offer our services.

Living Room, Dining Room, and Bedrooms

We’ll clean up the interior and exterior surfaces of your furniture, wall hanging, and switch sockets. You’ll have a more stunning and welcoming living room, dining room, and bedroom after vacuuming and mopping of the entire floors, edges, skirting, and under your furniture.


Our efficient team will disinfect your toilet, leaving your bathroom clean from within. We’ll also make a relaxing ambiance by polishing mirrors and glass screens, and also scrubbing the walls and floors.


Remove the annoying smell and greasy surfaces in your kitchen. We can help you clean up your entire kitchen from degreasing and wiping off all cookers’ hood and cooking stove up to wiping the exterior and interior surfaces of cabinets and electrical appliances.


Complete your spring cleaning around the house. Our cleaning team can make your high ceilings, windows and balcony dustless and spot free.

Move In/ Move Out Cleaning

Leave nothing behind, even dusts and dirt, when you move in or out of your house. Our dependable cleaning team will make sure that all your things will be packed and you will have a stress-free move. And when you’re moving in to a new place, we can also make sure that your new apartment will be organized and clean.

Post Renovation Cleaning

Cleaning up after renovation works can be a nightmare. Those dirt, dust and paint splatters usually leave the newly created premises looking dirty and untidy. Worst of all, these can’t be eliminated easily using ordinary household cleaning products. So let us help to take some load off your hands by cleaning your new home, freeing up your time to manage the move and get settled in! We use a systemic approach to ensure that all corners of the house will be clean, spotless, dust free and smelling great!

Weekly Housekeeping

After an exhausting day at work, you wouldn’t have any energy to tidy your house after knocking off. We have a range of affordable housekeeping services to give you a beautifully clean home! Imagine coming home after a busy day, the house is immaculate, the living room looks and smells inviting, the beds are made like a hotel. With our housekeeping service, you have the opportunity to unwind or spend time with your family in a clean and tidy environment.

Mattress Cleaning

Let us get rid of all the dust mites, odours and bacteria that might be hiding underneath mattresses. We do dry mattress cleaning, steam cleaning and extraction to keep mattresses dirt-free.

Sofa Cleaning

Dirt, dust, weather, children and pets can make your furnitures look older quicker. Food crumbs, germs, dust and stains are inevitable. Here at Superb Cleaning, we provide professional upholstery cleaning service that not only clean upholstery safely, thoroughly and professionally, our service also helps to restore appearance and extend the life of your favorite furnitures. Our upholstery cleaning service is effective in removing stains, gentle enough not to damage furniture and safe for your entire family. Proper maintenance demands an experienced professional to extend the life of your furnitures and bring back its original beauty!

It is inevitable; stuff spills and dirt piled up on the carpet. Keep your carpet clean from coffee stains, infestations of bugs and mites by using our specialist techniques to get rid of these unwanted lodgers! Our carpet cleaning services help to effectively eliminate stains, dust mites & odours, and ultimately improving air quality! Done by fully trained carpet cleaners, our team uses child and pet safe cleaning methods to ensure that no discomfort will be experienced during the cleaning process. Not all carpets are the same, and not all cleaning products work, so instead of doing the cleaning your own, we strongly encourage you to engage a professional for this. And all carpets require maintenance so we recommend regular cleaning.

Floor Cleaning

Before After

Marble Polishing

Whether it’s on your floors or countertops, marble surfaces are tedious to maintain. Our cleaning team can keep it bright and polished, taking it back to its new-looking shine.

Before After

Vinyl Tiles Waxing and Re-coating

Get a striking impression from your customers by recoating and waxing your vinyl tiles. Our well-trained team can make your vinyl floors revive its original appearance.

Parquet Varnishing

With many people going in and out of the office, your wooden floor may not look so stunning. Make your parquet floors look brand new with the help of our cleaning team, and leave it safe from dirt and dust.


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