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What Are The Things You Should Never Clean With Vinegar

Vinegar is one amazing all-natural cleaning agent that people love to use all over their home to clean everything from getting rid of rust to descaling shower head. However, not all items are suitable to clean with vinegar as it is a relatively strong acid that not all materials and surfaces can withstand the acidity.

Before you get too carried away with cleaning everything with vinegar, here are some of the things that you should never clean with vinegar.

1. Anything Made of Aluminum

Anything Made of Aluminum

Using vinegar to clean aluminum leads to oxidation. Instead of a clean and sparkling aluminum pots, you will get a pot covered with ugly spots.

2. Iron Pans

Iron Pans

Similar to aluminum, iron reacts negatively with vinegar. Vinegar can cause iron to rust and it will damage the protective coat of the non-stick pan. Sponge your iron pans with dishwashing liquid and warm water will be a better choice.

3. Waxed Wooden Surfaces

Waxed Wooden Surfaces

Vinegar is too strong for wax finishes and it can eat away the wax over time which leaves wooden surfaces such as your wooden cabinet or hardwood flooring looking dull. You should use cleaners designed for waxed furniture to avoid any damage.

4. Porous Stone Surfaces

Porous Stone Surfaces

If your floor or countertop is made of porous stone like marble or granite, then you should never use a vinegar to clean it. Vinegar can etch into the stone, leaving marks you will never be able to erase. Dishwashing liquid and warm water will be your best bet.

5. Your Mobile Phone or Tablet Screen

Your Mobile Phone or Tablet Screen

Mobile phone and tablet screen has a fingerprint-resistant coating that can be damaged with vinegar. You should use alcohol wipes or microfibre cloth to wipe your phone instead.

6. Egg Spills or Stains

Egg Spills or Stains

If you accidentally dropped an egg on any surfaces, don’t clean it with vinegar. The acidity of the vinegar can cause it to coagulate, making the egg difficult to remove.

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