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What Household Items You Should Clean Every Week

Got a surprise visit from your friends when your house is in a unruly state, that is really embarrassing! You should have a weekly cleaning checklist that helps you to keep your house in check so that you will never fear a surprise visitor again!

What Household Items You Should Clean Every Week

There are some items that you have to clean on a daily basis like your dishes and ideally your floor. And fortunately, there are a few things at home that requires less frequent TLC. Here’s a weekly cleaning checklist that you should follow and you can decide if you would like to check them off on a daily basis or tackle it all at a go.

1. Bathroom


The dirtiest place at home is probably your washroom. Give your shower walls a quick wipe, deep clean your toilet bowl by grabbing some bleach a brush and brush it around the sides and under the rim. Then let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes before you do a flush. Also, do clean and disinfect the bathroom surfaces such as your bathtub, mirrors and counters to keep your bathroom sanitary. Regular cleaning can also help these surfaces to resist stain. Don’t forget to wash your bathroom floor mat, hand and bath towels as they can get dirty quickly.

2. Kitchen


By right you’re suppose to clean up your kitchen every time you cook a storm to avoid annoying build-up. If you don’t, then you should have it cleaned on a weekly basis at least. Even though your kitchen appliances such as the oven, refrigerator and stove might not look especially dirty, they are probably covered in grease and dirt. Wipe them down with a sponge or disinfectant wipe each week. Disinfect your kitchen sponge too as they might be the dirtiest thing in your kitchen because they are used to wash every single pots and pans and to wipe up grease, spills and crumbs.

3. Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and carpets add style to a home, and to keep these looking great for years to come, cleaning is regularly is the key. Your rugs and carpets should be filled with dust, food crumbs and pet hair which can be really bad for your health overtime. Regular vacuuming is the first and best defense to keep these textiles clean. Then you can shampoo them in professional rugs and carpets cleaner and dry them under the sun! Not only your rugs and carpets will restore its appearance, it will also be really clean now.

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