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What Not To Be Dumped Down The Kitchen Sink

People often throw something down the kitchen sink without thinking about the consequences. These items may seem to disappear down the drain with a swish of water, but they will only eventually collect further down the pipes and clogging up the piping system ultimately.

What Not To Be Dumped Down The Kitchen Sink

To keep your pipes flowing freely, these are some of the things that you should avoid dumping down the kitchen sink to prevent ruining your plumbing.

1. Rice and Noodles

Rice and Noodles

Rice and noodles expand when exposed to water. They will swell up and either cause blockages or fill the disposal trap. Next time when you drain your spaghetti, drain it through a sieve and dump any remainings into the trash.

2. Vegetables


Fibrous foods such as your vegetables can overwhelm the disposal and block your drain. These items will just sit in the drain and cause clogs. Potato peels can cause a sloppy mess, it just turn into goo inside the drain. Same goes to other starchy vegetables like yam. Next time when you’re washing your chopping board, dump this in the disposal bag instead.

3. Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds appear to go down the drain easily, but in reality, they will pile up and cause a sludgy mess as it is not dissolvable in water.

4. Flour


Flour and water will form a paste, a glue-like paste that will attract other waste and form a huge clog.

5. Oil and Grease

Oil and Grease

Oils, fats and grease can congeal in your pipes causing blockages. Even though it goes in as a liquid, it will congeal like candle wax and gradually decrease the diameter of your drainpipe until the flow eventually stops altogether. We understand that there are some fat that is bound to slip down the drain, so what you can do is to run some hot water down the sink for a minute, followed up dish soap liquid and run the water for another minute.

6. Seeds and Bones

Seeds and Bones

Even if they make it down the drain, fruit seeds and bones will probably get stuck in the drain and cause a blockage. These waste are too tough to be broken down, so it could damage your piping system.

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