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What To Ask When Choosing A Cleaning Company?

Hiring a cleaning company is not an easy task, whether you’re a first-timer engaging a cleaning service or you’re replacing your existing cleaning company, choosing the right service provider feels like a critical decision you should make. When there are so many factors to consider and many different types and sizes of cleaning company, ask them these 5 simple questions so that you can differentiate the prospective ones from the bad.

What To Ask When Choosing A Cleaning Company?

1. Do You Offer All The Cleaning Services That I Need?

Do You Offer All The Cleaning Services That I Need

Whether you’re a home or business owner, you should have different needs such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, janitorial services. If you have different needs, make sure the cleaning company you would like to engage can provide all the services you need so that you don’t have to engage and manage different service providers.

2. How Long Have You Been In Business For?

There is nothing wrong with being a fresh business however, it’s worth finding out how long the cleaning company have been in business for which will give you an indication of their success in the industry and their overall experience as a cleaning company. There’s definitely a lot less risk when you opt to engage a cleaning company who has a longer history.

3. Can You Provide Me With Any References?

Can You Provide Me With Any References

Word of mouth recommendations is the most powerful form of marketing. Unless you’re the company’s first client, they should be able to provide you with other clients that they’ve worked with that you are able to contact. It never hurt to request for references, you might gain some valuable information that makes decision-making process easier. It’s also a good idea to do some research online and you may chance upon some customers’ testimonials on social media platforms.

4. Do You Screen and Train Your Employees?

Do You Screen and Train Your Employees

Not all cleaning companies screen their employees before hiring them. You need to know whether the cleaners have relevant experiences and if the company offers the cleaners training opportunities. These are important factors to consider if the company has a team of professional cleaners and their commitment to their employees.

5. Do You Have An Ongoing Contact Person?

Do You Have An Ongoing Contact Person

It is essential for the cleaning company to provide you with a point of contact as unexpected problems may arise from time to time. There should be a representative from the cleaning company that can help to address these issues promptly.

All the above questions should give you an insight of the cleaning company’s professionalism and set up, and should give you a better indication the quality of service you should expect to receive from them. In our experience at Superb Cleaning, you should always be able to rely on us to provide a professional and efficient cleaning service. Contact us at 6515 3897 or to find out more about our services.

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