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What You Need To Know About Dusting

Dusting may seemed to be an easy peasy job, but it is a crucial job in keeping a home or workplace clean. Dust is actually composed of elements such as fabric fibers, dust mite excrement, human skin cells and dirt. Dusting as a regular chore helps to make a place look better and most importantly, it get rid of allergens. Here’s all you need to know about dusting.

What You Need To Know About Dusting

1. How often do you need to dust?

How often do you need to dust?

It will be good to dust everyday surfaces once every one to two weeks especially if someone suffers from allergies. And out-of-reach spots like doorframes, corner and ceilings every two months or so.

2. What do yo you need to dust?

What do yo you need to dust?

Any surfaces or ites that collects particles such as tables, shelves, cabinets, windows, fans, vases, and more. Basically almost everything!

3. What should you use to dust?

What should you use to dust?

Apart from the typical feather duster, which might not be the best tool to at removing dust completely, there are many other cleaning equipments that work even better.

Antibacterial Wet Wipes: Wet wipes can be used to remove dust from almost everything such as your laptop, removing dust and germs effectively while sanitising the item.

Fabric Gloves: Take an old fabric gloves and use it to dust delicate items such as vases, light fixtures and fragile items. Simply soak the gloves in some detergent water, slip them on and clean up.

Pillowcases: Place an old pillowcase over fan blades, one at a time, to pull the dust off the blades without scattering it all over the place.

3. Is there any particular order to dust?

Is there any particular order to dust?

Start off with the top and move down as dust will fall as you’re cleaning. Finish with the floors by vacuuming as sweeping will only kicks the dust somewhere else.

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