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Why Clean With This Cleaning Equipment and Not That

If you are a novice in household cleaning, you may be confused with the different types of cloth and different type of cleaning equipments available in the supermarket. Why some people get rid of dust and dirt on their floor with vacuum cleaners whilst other uses brooms. Many cleaning equipments are purpose-designed precision tools, making it very critical to select the right equipment for different cleaning jobs. We will give you a quick breakdown of some of the most commonly used equipments versus their alternatives.

Why Clean With This Cleaning Equipment and Not That

So if you’re in doubt about which equipments to get, this guide can can help you to point out the right ones that are actually up to the task.

1. Vacuum Cleaner versus Broom

Vacuum Cleaner versus Broom

Broom pushes dust and dirt around rather than collect it.On the other hand, vacuum cleaner takes them away. So it’s obvious that which equipment is more effective in getting rid all the dust and dirt. However, it is important to clean change you vacuum cleaner dust bag regularly so that it can pick up dust and debris more effectively.

2. Floor Steamer versus Mop

Floor Steamer versus Mop

When it comes to cleaning the floor, do you know that your old handy mop leaves streaks and residues? Floor steamer will be a more powerful weapon as it leaves nothing but a deep clean. Floor clean is capable of removing stains, and when they get hot enough, it helps to kill bacteria lingering in hard-to-reach places. This cleaning equipment is especially useful when it comes to spring cleaning and cleaning during the flu season.

3. Microfibre Cloth versus Sponge

Sponges are commonly seen in most homes, however they are not the best in cleaning surfaces as they are known to be germ magnets. It is tedious to clean sponges thoroughly and when it’s not well-cleaned, germs can spread easily. Microfibre cloth will be a better and more hygienic choice. It is machine washable which means they can be clean thoroughly, and they are less likely to hold onto germs.

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