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Why Do You Feel Unhappy At Home?

When you return home from work, do your surroundings inspire you or do they give you negative vibes? If it’s the latter, then probably it’s time you should take a second look at your home decor and clutter within the space. Your surroundings can impact your mood positively or negatively.

Why Do You Feel Unhappy At Home?

These are the few things that impact your mood negatively and you should deal with it as soon as possible!

1. Stacks and Stacks of Old Books and Documents

Stacks and Stacks of Old Books and Documents

The heaps of paper clutter can bring on anxiety, feeling of being overwhelmed and stress. If you’re still keeping your university notes or your previous job documents, probably you can consider to dump it because most likely you wouldn’t have to use it again. Or you can go through it with a friend and sort through the pile keeping only what you need.

2. Abandoned Hobby Supplies

Abandoned Hobby Supplies

Maybe you were really into DIY craft work few years back and you’ve accumulated lots of supplies. However years later, you lost interest in it and the items are still with you taking up a lot of space. Get rid of your stash and give it to someone you know who will make good use of it or donate it to the charity. Although you may have spent a substantial amount on these supplies, you’ll have to learn how to give up if you no longer have any use for it.

3. Collection That No Longer Brings Joy

Collection That No Longer Brings Joy

Your once beloved collectibles can turn out to be a sore to the eyes if you’re no longer into that. If the collection is huge, it can be a little overwhelming as it takes up a lot of space. These collectibles might hold some special memory and you might have formed some sort of connections with it, so instead of chunking if away, you can put them away in the store room or rent a storage place to store it.

4. Your Kids’ Stuffs

Your Kids’ Stuffs

They are not only in the nursery, but these toys are all over the place. Kids’ clutter makes parents anxious because the cleaning up process seemed to be never ending and it usually gets out of control. These clutter makes parents feel that their house is never clean and it is emotionally draining to sort through the clutter.

To bring good vibes to your home, it is important that your house is always in a clean and neat state.Regular cleaning helps to keep away negative energy and keep your living environment healthy and peaceful. If you can’t manage on your own, engaging professional help is not always a bad idea. Call us at 6515 3897 or drop us an email at to find out how we can create a positive living environment for you.

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