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Why Every Home Should Have A Lint Roller

Lint rollers offer more than pulling off fluff dust and hairs from your clothing. Apart from removing messy lint from your clothes, here are many cool ways that you can incorporate these sticky papers in your household chores.

Why Every Home Should Have A Lint Roller

1. Cleaning Up Broken Glasses

Cleaning Up Broken Glasses

Be it a broken cup, plate or lightbulb, it might be a little tedious to clean the small shards after picking up the bigger pieces. Instead of putting your hands at risk to pick up the little pieces, swipe a lint roller along the broken fragments to pick up those small unseen shards. A lint roller makes picking up even the smallest shards of glass easier and safer.

2. Cleaning Lampshades

Cleaning Lampshades

Cleaning lampshades can be quite a hassle and time consuming as you can’t throw them in the washing machine, you need to hand wash them or use a vacuum cleaner. Forgo these and use a lint roller once in every few days can avoid them attracting dust and lint. Just be sure to be extra gentle if it’s a paper lampshade.

3. Cleaning Up Plush Toys

Cleaning Up Plush Toys

Plush toys need to be washed regularly as the fur of these fluffy, adorable animals can trap all the tiny particles such as dust. If a quick clen is required, run a lint roller over to remove all the unwanted particles without taking your kid’s previous friend away for too long.

4. Cleaning Curtains or Blinds

Cleaning Curtains or Blinds

Curtains and blinds have to be one of the most bothersome item in a home to clean. The easiest way to tackle this on a regular basis is again, to use a lint roller. Work section by section and roll up all the dust and dirt without having the need to use the vacuum cleaner or painstakingly wash them.

5. Cleaning Furnitures

Cleaning Furnitures

One of the quickest and convenient method to clean off your furniture and remove all the unwanted debris that is left by your dog, or your children snacking on the sofa is to utilise a lint roller. Just roll it over the surfaces and you’ll get your furniture looking clean in minutes!

A lint roller helps to clean the surfaces of the objects at home and in your workplace. However, it doesn’t help in deep cleaning that kills bacteria and leave your home clean, fresh and sanitised. Superb Cleaning specialises in all kinds of cleaning jobs for your home (regular house cleaning services, post renovation house cleaning, spring cleaning, pre move cleaning, post move cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning). Our team of professional cleaners will make sure that they understand your requirements and will carry out the necessary tasks professionally to meet your expectations. Give us a call at 6515 3897 or drop us an email at to engage our services.

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