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Why You Should Never Skip These Chores Even When You’re Busy

Running late? Pressed for time? But there is the realisation that some chores just can’t afford to be skipped, it will make things easier in the long run if done sooner rather than later to prevent massive pile ups, accumulation of dust and allergens and weird odours. Don’t let all your chores and cleaning duties slip into disarray. Keep your house functioning and clean by being choosy with which chores you skip and which ones you tackle first.

Why You Should Never Skip These Chores Even When You’re Busy

Here’s a list of cleaning duties that shouldn’t be neglected on a daily or weekly basis. You probably know these already, but some of you may just need a gentle reminder.

1. Doing The Dishes

Doing The Dishes

With many families having more than two meals a day at home, the dirty piling stack of dishes waiting for you in the evening may tempt you into abandoning it. But dirty dishes are horrible, they breed bacteria and odours. When you skip doing them and instead grabbing a clean dish to do your bidding, you’ve basically doubled the amount of work you’ve got to do when you clean them next time. Try and get in the habit of cleaning dishes as you use them whenever you’re done using them so there’s never a mountain that needs cleaning.

2. Getting Rid of Spots and Stains

Getting Rid of Spots and Stains

This is especially true for surfaces that are hard to clean like walls, rugs, carpets of even your clothes. Go after splatters, spills and accidents immediately before they have a chance to cause major damage such as not being able to remove it after time. White vinegar, baking soda and commercial products are easily available and can be used to clean food stains, wine, crayon and others.

3. Vacuuming Common Areas

Vacuuming Common Areas

From hard surfaces to rugs and carpets, a cleaner floor instantly equates to a cleaner home. Vacuuming can be a quick chore, and vacuuming most commonly used areas is something you should try and tackle often. And you can always consider a compact handheld vacuum for even faster swipes over visibly dirty small spots.

Spending an hour or two everyday doing little things will make a big difference to your home. If you would like to free up some time to relax instead of managing household chores, let us tidy your apartment! Depending on your needs, we provide daily or weekly housekeeping services to vacuum, do your dishes, empty trash, dust and more! Contact us at 6515 3897 or drop us an email at for a quote!

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