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3 Common Mistakes You’re Making When Cleaning Your Kitchen

When cleaning the kitchen, most people are used to a quick spray and wipe job which might not be thorough enough to clean away bacteria. Because the kitchen is where you prep and cook food, it is crucial to keep it clean and tidy. Improper cleaning can lead to more bacteria than you started with and contamination that can negatively affect your health.

To have a clean, hygienic and tidy kitchen to come home to, these are the common cleaning mistakes that you should stop making.

1. Not Cleaning The Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink may be one of the dirtiest place in your kitchen. Not only dirty dishes goes into it, but also slime from raw poultry and soil from vegetables. So disinfecting your kitchen sink is necessary. Treat your sink to a good scrub with dishwashing liquid and warm water at the end of each day to prevent microorganisms from populating your sink.

2. Not Washing The Cutting Board Thoroughly

You might think that just washing your cutting board with dishwashing liquid will suffice. That’s a big no no! Your chopping board is likely to harbour potentially deadly germs that could cause bacterial food poisoning. Raw poultry usually leave traces of germs that cause food poisoning. And these germs can contaminate any food that is prepared on the same cutting board. The best method for keeping cutting boards clean is to scrub them, using very hot water and a good quality dishwashing liquid. Then dry it with a cloth and  place it somewhere that air circulates, so that it can dry completely.

3. Not Cleaning The Refrigerator

Refrigerators usually seem unassuming, but they can be one of the germiest spots in your kitchen. How many times have you left half-finished, expired or rotten food in the refrigerator for weeks or months. These food can actually start to collect bacteria and cross contamination occurs. Therefore, cleaning out your fridge should be a practice you incorporate into your weekly routine.

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