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How You Can Do Fewer Dishes From Today

Washing dirty dishes is truly the most annoying, dreaded and time consuming chore. It just never seem to end. The solution isn’t to cook less – it’s to cook smarter! You can make a few smart tweaks to the way you use and clean your dishes! Try out these simple tips!

1. Try One-Pot Meals

Try One-Pot Meals

As literal as it means, you will only deal with 1 single pot, this can save you a lot of time from not only cleaning but cooking as well. There are tonnes of one-pot meals recipe available online!

2. Cook and Serve in The Same Dish

Cook and Serve in The Same Dish

If you doing an oven-baked chicken, serve the dish to the dining table using the same baking tray!

3. Use The Same Pan Over and Over Again

Use The Same Pan Over and Over Again

Whipping up 3 different dishes for dinner, you can stick to using the same pan for every dish. Just give the same pan a wipe down and you don’t have to dirty another pan.

4. Use Both Sides of The Cutting Board

Use Both Sides of The Cutting Board

Once you’ve finished with some messy prep, give it a wipe down then flip it over to use the perfectly clean and dry reverse side.

5. A Good Quality Knife Can Cut Almost Anything

A Good Quality Knife Can Cut Almost Anything

Invest in a good quality knife that can be used for everything! Then you do not have to switch between several knives. And do as much as you can to prep all the dry things first then move on to the wet ingredients. Just make sure that before you move on to cut cooked food, you’ll wash the knife after using it for raw food to prevent cross contamination. This applies to the cutting board as well.

5. Measure Dry Food Before Wet Food

Measure Dry Food Before Wet Food

So that you can easily reuse your measuring cups and spoons! If you’re more experienced, skip the measuring cups and and try to gauge with your eyes instead.

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