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Life Is Much Better When You Have These Genius Time Saving Cleaning Tips

Time to rejoice! In this post, we will be sharing a bunch of super fuss-free and super brilliant cleaning hacks that you can do to save a bunch of time and keep the effort for household chores to a minimum.

1. The Washing Machine Isn’t Just For Clothes

The Washing Machine Isn’t Just For Clothes

Apart from your laundry, you can use your washing machine to wash your dish sponge and kids toys. Load them on a warm wash and you will be able to sanitise them. Just make sure that you put them in the laundry bag.

2. Get Rid of Dust and Crumbs with Lint Rollers

Get Rid of Dust and Crumbs with Lint Rollers

Sticky lint rollers are gradually becoming a household essential as they are one of the most versatile cleaning tools. They can also be used to pull up crumbs, pet fur (or whatever else you find) from the carpet or under couch cushions and remove dust from lamp shades or any furniture.

3. Clean Your Shower Head Overnight With White Vinegar

Clean Your Shower Head Overnight With White Vinegar

To remove limescale and hard water from the shower head, simply fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and place your shower head in it. Make sure the entire shower head is submerged in the solution then you tie the bag up. Leave it overnight and you will have a nice and clean shower head the next day. You will never have to end up in a mess with this cleaning tip!

4. Clean the microwave with ease

Clean the microwave with ease

Cleaning up microwave can be a headache although they are brilliant for saving them when cooking. To get rid of the grease and stubborn stains, add half water and half solution of white vinegar into a microwave safe bowl then set the microwave to cook for 5 minutes for it to get really steamy. Then you’ll be able to get rid of those stubborn stains with a quick sponge afterwards.

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